Academic Ranking of World Universities

Academic Ranking of World Universities in Chemistry - 2009

Institution Country
Score on
1Harvard University100 100
2University of California, Berkeley98.9 97
3University of Cambridge97.3 73
4Stanford University95.3 63
5California Institute of Technology88.6 0
6Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich88.5 37
7Kyoto University83.7 37
8Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)82.4 26
9University of Oxford75.3 37
10Columbia University75.2 45
10The University of Tokyo75.2 0
12Technical University Munich73.9 73
13University of California, Los Angeles72.8 0
14Northwestern University72.3 0
15University of Strasbourg71.4 37
16University of Pennsylvania70.7 45
17University of California, San Diego70.5 0
18The University of Texas at Austin68.9 0
19University of Chicago68.0 37
20Yale University66.9 0
21Purdue University - West Lafayette66.8 0
22University of Minnesota, Twin Cities66.5 0
23University of California, Irvine65.9 0
24Cornell University65.8 0
25Rice University65.4 26
26University of Toronto64.5 0
27University of California, Santa Barbara64.1 0
28Tohoku University63.3 52
29Texas A&M University - College Station62.4 0
29University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign62.4 0
31The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine62.3 0
32Nagoya University62.1 26
33University of Colorado at Boulder61.9 37
34Tokyo Institute of Technology61.6 37
35University of Michigan - Ann Arbor61.5 37
36University of Florida61.3 37
37University of Wuerzburg61.2 45
38University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill60.6 0
39Georgia Institute of Technology59.5 37
40University of Wisconsin - Madison59.4 26
41University of California, Davis59.3 0
42Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne57.3 0
43University of Southern California56.9 0
44Iowa State University56.2 0
45University of Heidelberg56.0 0
46The Ohio State University - Columbus55.9 0
46Utrecht University55.9 0
48Kyushu University55.7 0
49Washington University in St. Louis55.4 0
50University of Goettingen55.1 26
51-75Indiana University Bloomington0
51-75Lund University0
51-75Monash University0
51-75Osaka University0
51-75Pennsylvania State University - University Park0
51-75State University of New York at Buffalo0
51-75Stockholm University45
51-75Technion-Israel Institute of Technology52
51-75The Johns Hopkins University45
51-75The University of Georgia0
51-75The University of Manchester37
51-75University of Bath0
51-75University of Bologna0
51-75University of Bristol0
51-75University of California, Riverside37
51-75University of Erlangen-Nuremberg0
51-75University of Florence0
51-75University of Groningen0
51-75University of Muenster0
51-75University of Pittsburgh0
51-75University of Southampton0
51-75University of Stuttgart37
51-75University of Sussex0
51-75University of Utah0
51-75University of Zaragoza0
76-101Aarhus University26
76-101Carnegie Mellon University0
76-101Colorado State University0
76-101Emory University0
76-101Indian Institute of Science0
76-101National Taiwan University26
76-101National Tsing Hua University37
76-101National University of Singapore0
76-101Queen's University0
76-101Tel Aviv University0
76-101The Chinese University of Hong Kong0
76-101The Hebrew University of Jerusalem58
76-101The University of Hong Kong0
76-101University College London0
76-101University of Barcelona0
76-101University of British Columbia0
76-101University of Houston0
76-101University of Mainz0
76-101University of New South Wales0
76-101University of Ottawa0
76-101Polytechnic University of Valencia0
76-101University of Sydney0
76-101University of Tennessee - Knoxville0
76-101University of Twente0
76-101University of Waterloo0
76-101VU University Amsterdam0

* Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

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