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Belarusian State University
English Name: Belarusian State University
Region: Eastern Europe
Country/Region: Belarus
Found Year: 1921
Address: ave Nezavisimosti, 4

The entire complex of the Belarusian State University includes 17 faculties and 7 educational institutes, 4 research and development institutes, 41 research and developments laboratories, 8 innovation and production enterprises. The entire complex of the BSU includes about 8500 staff including about 3000 teaching staff and 600 research staff.

Belarusian State University offers a variety of educational programs at all levels of education: BA, MA, Post-Graduate and Post-Doctoral Education, Advanced Training and Retraining. The Higher Education Program is organized at the BSU major Faculties and Educational Institutes through 83 specialties. The BSU offers training in more than 46 specialties within its Master’s Degree Program. The PhD Program which is aimed to prepare highly qualified researchers holding a Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) degree is provided through 132 specialties of different branches of science.

The BSU students’ community consists of more than 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students, postgraduate and postdoctoral students. Today the BSU has about 3000 teaching staff occupying full-time teaching positions within university's major faculties and institutes. The BSU teaching staff includes 13 academicians of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, 10 Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, 320 Doctors of Science and 1600 PhD degree holders.

BSU is a major science, R&D and production complex offering the complete cycle of research, development and production in various fields on the cutting edge of technology. Today the BSU includes 4 research institutes, 3 national scientific centers and 8 unitary enterprises.

Belarusian State University belongs to a highly internationalized university community and puts a great attention to cooperation with foreign partners both at inter-university level and within international projects framework. 25-30 international projects focused on academic exchanges, modernization of university management, design of joint study programmes, development of infrastructure, organization of conferences, seminars and other events within such programmes as Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Jean Monnet, EU Cross-Border Cooperation, DAAD, FPB-Belarus, SIDA, VISBY, Baltic University, CIMO, Visegrad Fund, CEI Fund, Eurasia, UNICEF, UNESCO and many others are implemented at BSU annually. Currently BSU is successfully involved into 9 Tempus and 6 Erasmus Mundus projects addressing academic mobility (EMA 2), curricular development (ACES, NETCENG, TRADIR, Сomolte, ENERGY), human security (HUMAN), promotion of innovations (SUCSID), university management (INURE) and internationalization (PICASA).

BSU has strong students’ self-governing with about 10 students’ organizations actively working under the aegis of the Students’ Assembly: Students’ Union, Trade Union of BSU Students, Students’ Union for Quality in Education, Council of Group Leaders, etc.

Notable alumni
In 2015 the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to the graduate of the Belarusian State University Svetlana Alexievich. Svetlana Alexievich graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Belarusian State University in 1972. Her diploma thesis was devoted to Literary Criticism in the "Neman" journal. According to the press release of the Swedish Academy, the prize has been awarded to the Belarusian writer "for her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time."
Among other notable alumni of the Belarusian State University there are ministers, prominent scientists and educationalists, political leaders working in many countries of the world.

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