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IPAG Business School
English Name: IPAG Business School
Region: Western Europe
Country: France
Found Year: 1965
Address: 184 Bd Saint Germain, 75006, Paris / 4 Bd Carabacel, 06000, Nice

IPAG’s mission is to produce excellent research on an international level and train managers for a globalised and rapidly changing world.

The school educates graduates with a strong social responsibility and ethical awareness built on a solid academic base and expert knowledge. The school encourages diversity to create agile and cross-functional managers. It contributes to the business community through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Being based in Paris, Nice, Kunming and Los Angeles, IPAG is anchored in a territory and economy with an international outreach. Its high-level research enriches its pedagogy and creates new knowledge contributing to both society and business. IPAG’s curriculums are built on an ambitious research policy and place key emphasis on fieldwork experience. They are supervised by a high-profile faculty composed of both researchers and business professionals. IPAG’s multidisciplinary curriculums enable students to think beyond established frameworks and restrictions. They are strongly internationally oriented and taught on campuses where more than 80 different nationalities meet: each IPAG student has the opportunity to live several experiences abroad.

The school supports a responsible vision of management through commitment. Students are encouraged to get involved in meaningful projects, sources of sustainable benefits for society.

Corporate Social Responsibility also is a key axis of IPAG’s research policy.

The school’s Ethics and CSR policy is built on a holistic approach and reflects the commitment of the entire faculty as well as echoes the foundational values of the school.

Total Enrollment:3685
           International Students:1591(43%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:613
           International Students:408(66.5%)
Graduate Enrollment:3072
           International Students:1183(38.5%)

Undergraduate programmes:
           Bachelor’s of Business Administration
           Bachelor's Degree in International Trade
           Bachelor's Degree in General Management
           Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Digital Communication
           Bachelor's Degree in Accounting & Human Resources
           Bachelor's Degree in Real Estate Management
           Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
           Bachelor's Degree in Luxury Management

Post-graduate programmes:
      Masters in Marketing - Communication - Sales
           Marketing B to C
           Digital Marketing é Communication
           Business Strategy & Business Development
      Masters in Supply Chain Management & Business Development
           International Affairs & Purchasing
           Global Supply Chain Management & Circular Economy
           International Business & Responsible Purchasing
           International Business Development
      Masters in Human Resources
           Management & Ethics, Responsibility & Sustainability
      Masters in Finance - Audit - Controlling
           Finance & Markets
           Engineering, Management & Wealth Management
           Management Control & Audit
           Corporate Finance & Financial Engineering
      Masters in Entrepreneurship & Management
           Entrepreneurship & Innovation
           Management & Networks
      Masters in International Business Management
      Masters in Business Administration
           MBA in International Trade
           MBA in Food Business
           MBA in Luxury Brand Management
           MBA in Energy & Sustainable Development
           MBA in Finance
           MBA in International Strategy & Negotiation
           MBA in Tourism
           MBA in Project Management
           MBA in Fashion & Art Management
           MBA in Management of Cultural Activities
           MBA in New Technologies of Information & Communication
      Masters of Science
           MSc in International Business & Management
           MSc in Luxury & Innovation
           MSc in Business Management (in Hanoi - Vietnam)
           MSc in International Human Resources Management

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