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Jilin University
English Name: Jilin University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: China
Found Year: 1946
Address: No. 2699, Qianjin Street


Jilin University (JLU) is a leading national university under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of China. Located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeastern China, the University has eight campuses in six districts which are home to forty-three colleges covering thirteen academic disciplines, including philosophy, economics, law, literature, education, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, military science and arts. The University boasts 6 national key laboratories, and 8 national bases for the development of basic science. Other resources include 5 research bases for humanities and social sciences, 9 key laboratories sponsored by the Ministry of Education and 14 by other ministries of Chinese government.



JLU offers a variety of degree programs. It has now 124 undergraduate programs, 311 master's degree program, 240 doctoral degree programs, and 37 post-doctoral programs. The year of 2012 saw the enrollment of a total of 68,000-odd full time students among whom more than 25,000 are graduate students.

At present there are 6,540 faculty members, with 20 members of Chinese Academy of Science and/or Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 1,638 full professors. This dedicated education community is a guarantee of excellence in teaching and research. For years, the University has been playing a major role in the educational, cultural and economic life of Northeast Region of China. In the beginning decade of the new century, the University is committed to achieving the status as one of the leading institutions for higher education well known in China and around the world.



Facilities include, first of all, a fast gigabit computer network. Optic fiber cables connect all the campuses together, and over 20,000 computers are hooked up to the network. Faculty, staff and students can have easy access to the internet/intranet anywhere - in classrooms, dormitories or at home, enjoying online education and online office automation.



There are more than fifty multimedia classrooms and language learning audiovisual classrooms, ten of which are reserved for international students. Special attention has been paid to the construction of 20 basic science laboratories.


The University Library claims a collection of 6.59 million books and is designated as the library of UNESCO, UNIDO and World Bank. It also serves as the Comprehensive Information Center of Liberal Arts of the Ministry of Education, the only Foreign Scientific Text Book Center in Northeast China, and the National Humanities and Social Science Higher Education Books Import Center. It is one of the seven centers of China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS) Center in Northeast China.


Every campus has a gymnasium, a stadium, and arenas for basketball, volleyball, table tennis and artistic gymnastics. The Nanling Campus Stadium, with grass soccer field surrounded by standard synthetic racetracks, can seat 10,000 persons; there are also well-lit synthetic floored tennis courts.


Jilin University has established worldwide exchange and cooperation ties with more than 150 universities, colleges, and research institutes in 31 countries/districts. . Over 1,500 foreign students are currently enrolled in Jilin University.


Life for International students is pleasant. Dormitory rooms are furnished with nice furniture, TV-set, telephone and network terminals. There are reading rooms, cyber-café, tearoom and fitness room in the building. Each year, the University hosts many academic and cultural events including seminars, forums, speech competitions and, performances on various topics and subjects. 400 student groups and organizations enrich campus life with colorful activities.

Total Enrollment:60963
           International Students:1112(2%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:39360
           International Students:693(2%)
Graduate Enrollment:21603
           International Students:419(2%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Agricultural Economy And Management
           Agricultural Mechanization And Automation
           Agricultural Resources And Environment
           Animal Medicine
           Animal Science
           Applied Chemistry
           Applied Physics
           Applied Psychology
           Archival Science
           Art And Design
           Automobile Service Engineering
           Biological Engineering
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Broadcasting And Hosting Art
           Business Administration
           Chemical Engineering And Technology
           Chinese Language And Literature
           Civil Engineering
           Clinical Medicine
           Communication Engineering
           Composing Technique Theory
           Computer Science And Technology
           Control Technology And Instrument
           Credit Management
           Electrical Engineering And Automation
           Electronic And Information Engineering
           Electronic Information Science And Technology
           Electronic Science And Technology
           Energy And Power Engineering
           Engineering Management
           Engineering Mechanics
           Engineering Of Surveying And Mapping
           Environmental Engineering
           Environmental Science
           Exploration Technology And Engineering
           Fashion Design And Engineering
           Financial Management
           Food Quality And Safety
           Food Science And Engineering
           Geographic Information Systems
           Geographical Sciences
           Groundwater Science And Engineering
           Human Resource Management
           Hydrology And Water Resources Engineering
           Ideological And Political Education
           Industrial Design
           Industrial Engineering
           Information And Computing Science
           Information Engineering
           Information Management And Information System
           Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials
           International Economy And Trade
           International Political
           Internet Of Things
           Japanese Language
           Korean Language
           Labor And Social Security
           Land Resource Management
           Logistics Engineering
           Logistics Management
           Material Forming And Control Engineering
           Materials Chemistry
           Materials Physics
           Materials Science And Engineering
           Mathematics And Applied Mathematics
           Mechanical Engineering And Automation
           Medical Law
           Metal Material Engineering
           Microelectronics Technology
           Music Performance
           Nuclear Physics
           Optical Information Science And Technology
           Oral Medicine
           Packaging Engineering
           Pharmaceutical Engineering
           Pharmaceutical Preparations
           Plant Protection
           Political Science And Public Administration
           Polymer Materials And Engineering
           Preventive Medicine
           Radiation Medicine
           Resources And Environment And Urban Planning
           Resources Prospecting Engineering
           Social Sports
           Social Work
           Software Engineering
           Spanish Language
           Sports Training
           Theoretical And Applied Mechanics
           Tourism Management
           Traffic Engineering
           Vehicle Engineering
Master's Degree Programs
           Agricultural Biological Environmental And Energy Engineering
           Agricultural Economics And Management
           Agricultural Electrification And Automation
           Agricultural Entomology And Pest Put Governance
           Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
           Agricultural Products Processing And Storage
           Agricultural Soil And Water Engineering
           Analytical Chemistry
           Ancient Chinese Literature
           Animal Genetic Breeding And Reproduction
           Animal Nutrition And Feed Science
           Applied Chemistry
           Applied Computer Technology
           Applied Mathematics
           Applied Physics
           Applied Psychology
           Aquatic Products Processing And Storage
           Archaeology And Museology
           Archival Science
           Art Of Design
           Asian And African Languages ​​And Literature
           Atomic And Molecular Physics
           Aviation, Aerospace And Maritime Medicine
           Basic Mathematics
           Basic Pharmacology
           Basic Psychology
           Basic Veterinary Science
           Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
           Biomedical Engineering
           Bionic Science And Engineering
           Body Engineering
           Bridge And Tunnel Engineering
           Business Management
           Carrier Engineering
           Cartography And Geographic Information Engineering
           Cartography And Geographic Information Systems
           Cell Biology
           Cereals, Oils And Vegetable Protein Engineering
           Chemical Process Equipment
           Children Less Health And Maternal
           Chinese And Foreign Political System
           Chinese Classical Literature
           Chinese History
           Chinese Internal Medicine
           Chinese Modern And Contemporary History
           Chinese Modern And Contemporary Literature
           Chinese Philology
           Chinese Philosophy
           Circuits And Systems
           Civil And Commercial Law
           Clinical Laboratory Diagnosti