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National Central University
English Name: National Central University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: China-tw
Found Year: 1962
Address: Jhongda Rd.

Brief Statement:    National Central University has been leading in the advances of economy, science and technology in modern Asia since its foundation in 1915. The campus is home to more than 12,000 students, 900 faculty members and 300 staff members. The ratio of graduate to undergraduate students is 1 to 1. As a leading research university, we can enumerate world-class scientific projects ranging from the Research Center for Adaptive Data Analysis, headed by Academician Norden E. Huang of Hilbert-Huang transformation (HHT), to the Hakka College of Ethnic and Cultural Studies. The close attention to Taiwan’s economy, society and culture as well as international affairs and frontier science and technology thus makes “NCU in Taiwan for Taiwan and the World” our motto. Mission Statement:    We, National Central University (NCU), have devoted ourselves to cultivating talents, pursuing excellence, and becoming a first-rate university. Ever since NCU was reestablished in Taiwan in 1962, the entire university has joined hands in its operation, and turned it into the fastest growing research university in Taiwan. Emphasizing on both teaching and research, besides valuing freshmen teaching, some research fields have made brilliant performances that are at the top of the world. Key developments of research have been focused in four key fields: “Environment and Energy”, “Complex Systems and Plasma Sciences”, “Optics and Optoelectronics”, and “Applied Informatics: Learning, Enterprise, and Life”.

We have built up large equipments that have strong competitiveness, including PC cluster equipment, a 2 m telescope, a 100 TW laser, and an electron beam lithography system. These equipments allowed us to take part in major international projects and publish major research achievements. Furthermore, we are also enthusiastically developing world-class research centers, including the “Research Center for Adaptive Data Analysis” led by Academician Norden E. Huang, the “GPS Scientific Application Research Center” based on FormoSat-3, and the “Humanities Center”, which was the first in Asia to become a part of the Humanities World Council. To boost the research energy at NCU, our strategic goals include creating a high quality environment for research and development, actively seeking industry-academia cooperation, and driving domestic regional cooperation. In order to share teaching and research resources and enhance potential for advanced development, NCU also cooperates with NCTU, NTHU, and NYMU to establish the University System of Taiwan (UST). The UST builds cooperative and competitive intra- and inter-university mechanisms in the pursuit of academic excellence. NCU aims to educate students to become leaders who specialize in both humanities and technology, thus, we have enthusiastically planned and implemented excellent teachings. We value freshmen teaching, since the first year of university life is the cornerstone for students. We strengthen teachings in common courses and professional basic courses, and select outstanding teachers to teach freshmen courses in order to help students set up a sound foundation in further learning. Besides, we implement general education and refine general education core courses. The required core courses are divided into four fields: humanity, natural science, applied science, and social trends and phenomena. We also add a series of courses which intend for cultivating students’ “soft power”, such as leadership, creativity, oral-presentation skill, writing ability, and so on. NCU also values internationalization and increases English-taught courses year by year. Looking ahead and beyond Taiwan, we aim for our students to take on leadership roles in shaping this fast-moving world. NCU has been the university in Taiwan with the most dramatic growth rate in the last decade both in the academic performance and the worldwide ranking. Looking to the future, NCU aims to learn from the world’s top 100 universities in planning and executing to develop the world’s No. 1 research fields, and to set a new model for college education.

Total Enrollment:11222
           International Students:145(1%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:5975
           International Students:11(0.2%)
Graduate Enrollment:5247
           International Students:134(3%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Advanced Materials And Precision Manufacturing Group Of The Mechanical Engineering
           Atmospheric Sciences Atmospheric Group
           Business Administration
           Chemical Engineering And Materials Engineering
           Chinese Literature
           Civil Engineering
           Communications Engineering
           Computer Science And Information Engineering
           Design And Analysis Section Of The Mechanical Engineering
           Earth Sciences
           Electrical Engineering
           Information Management
           Life Sciences
           Mechanical Engineering, Optical, Mechanical And Electronic Engineering Group
           Optoelectronic Science And Engineering
           Space Group Of The Atmospheric Sciences
Graduate Programs
           Accounting (Master)
           Applied Geology (Master, Phd)
           Arts (Master)
           Astronomical (Master, Phd)
           Atmospheric Physics (Master, Phd)
           Biomedical Engineering (Master)
           Business Administration (EMBA Master Containing, Phd)
           Chemical And Materials Engineering (Master, Phd)
           Chemistry (Master, Phd)
           Chinese Literature (Master Of Science Program, Opera Master, Master Program, Phd)
           Civil Engineering (Master Containing EMBA, Phd)
           Cognitive Neuroscience (Master, Phd)
           Communication Engineering (Master Classes With EMBA, Phd)
           Computer Science And Information Engineering (Master Of Science Program, Master Of Software Engineering, EMBA, Phd)
           Construction Management (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
           Earth System Science International Graduate Ph.D. Program
           Economics (Master, Phd)
           Electrical Engineering (Master Containing EMBA, Phd)
           Energy Engineering (Master, Phd)
           English (Master)
           English Business Master Of Business Administration
           Environmental Engineering (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
           Finance (Master With EMBA, Phd)
           French (Master)
           Hakka Studies EMBA
           History (The Master Containing EMBA)
           Human Resource Management (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
           Hydrological And Oceanic Sciences (Master, Phd)
           Industrial Economics (Master Classes With EMBA, Phd)
           Industrial Management (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
           Information Management (Master Of Master And Ph.D. Programs)
           Law And Government (Master)
           Learning And Teaching (Master With EMBA, Phd)
           Life Sciences (Master, Phd)
           Management Executives MBA Program
           Master Of International Sustainable Development
           Materials Science And Engineering (Master, Phd)
           Mathematics (Master, Phd)
           Mechanical Engineering (Master Of Science Program, Optical And Electrical Engineering Master Classes, EMBA, Optical, Mechanical And Electronic Engineering Doctoral, Doctoral)
           Network Learning Technology (Master, Phd)
           Of Geophysical (Master, Phd)
           Of Hakka Social And Cultural (Master)
           Philosophy (Master Classes With EMBA, Phd)
           Photoelectric Science And Engineering (Master Of Science Program, The Master Of The Lighting And Display Technology, EMBA, Phd)
           Physics (Master Of Science Program, Biophysical Master, Phd, Biophysical Doctoral)
           Public Affairs And Ethnic Studies Ph.D. Program
           Space Science (Master, Phd)
           Statistics (Master, Phd)
           Systems Biology And Bioinformatics (Master, Phd)
           The Hakka Language (Master)
           The Hakka Political Economy (Master)

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