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National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
English Name: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: China-tw
Found Year: 1991
Address: 123 University Road, Section 3,


National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech) was founded in 1991. YunTech is a flagship technological university with four colleges, the College of Engineering, College of Management, College of Design, and College of Humanities and Applied Sciences. These four colleges account for 21 undergraduate (19 departments and 2 bachelor programs), 26 masters and 12 doctoral programs (25 graduate schools and 1 master program). The student population is approximately 10,000, 66 percent of them are undergraduates and 34 percent of them are post-graduates. Among the distinguished faculty of the university, nearly 50 percent hold doctoral degrees from the European countries, the United States of America, Japan and so forth. Distinguished Professor Chou Jung-chuan of Department of Electronic Engineering is the Honorary Fellow of Ukrainian Academy of Science, and Associate Professor May Wang of Graduate School of Materials Science is the Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry of UK. Professor Shu Chi-min of the Department and Graduate School of Safety Health and Environmental Engineering was selected as a fellow by American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) in the year of 2016. Also, 91.32 percent of the faculty has significant experience in industrial sectors and nearly 70 percent have industrial-academia cooperation. The average funding received for industrial-academia collaboration in 2016 is near NT$2,580,000 per teaching faculty, which presents the outstanding performance of YunTech. It can be seen that YunTech is a paradigm university on both teaching and industrial-academia fields.


Teaching and Learning

Since its establishment, YunTech has built a solid foundation for academic and professional development. Through the universitys traditional core values, Sincerity, Honor, Perseverance and Originality, YunTech fosters students into professionals who have knowledge-management ability, are internationally competitive and place an equal emphasis on humanities and technology. YunTech offers a comprehensive selection of curricula that is outcome-based, focuses on effective PDCA management, and aims to hone students interdisciplinary skills in academics, leadership and public service. Focusing on cultivation of talent, YunTech facilitates industrial academics with the industrial sectors and on-campus industry-related programs for students. Inter-disciplinary learning, micro-credit courses and MOOCS courses are provided to help students establish their problem-solving abilities. Freshman project is also planned to assist YunTech freshmen to reduce the gap between their senior high schools and YunTech. Also, YunTech encourages students to take 1+4 program, to take internship in industrial sectors, to take professional service learning courses, to be volunteers and to take life education courses to strengthen their soft and hard powers. YunTech students are also encouraged to study abroad as exchange students and to join at least one international competition to broaden their international vision. The learning and teaching qualities are geared with international standards. For example, all departments of College of Engineering are accredited by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) and the College of Management is accredited by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and Accreditation of Chinese Collegiate School of Business (ACCSB). Speaking of international cooperation, YunTech signed memorandum of agreements with 233 foreign universities from 28 countries, practice off-shore teaching and off-shore internship to foster students to get ready for the global village. In the category of the MOE Teaching Excellence Project, YunTech is delighted to receive funding for 11 consecutive years. In 2017, YunTech was ranked the highest among all universities in Taiwan and receives funding valued at NT$70,000,000. It is an honor that the accumulation of the funding from 11 years is the highest among all technological universities. For the Subsidy Directions for Developing Technological University Paradigms, YunTech received funding valued at NT$124,000,000. In 2017, YunTech was selected as one of the Top 20 universities for its good performance by Cheers Magazine. Moreover, YunTech was selected as a model university by the MOE (R.O.C.) for its general education, life education, moral education and labor education. YunTech students had outstanding performances in international competitions. YunTech was ranked the 1st among its peers all over the world at the category of concept of design by iF Design Award in 2016. Also, YunTech was granted with the Best of the Best Award by Red Dot Award in 2016. From 2014 to 2016, YunTech teaching faculties and students have won total 246 awards, including 98 gold, 86 silver, 28 copper and 34 special awards. In addition, YunTech is ranked the 7th among other universities in Asia area by Red Dot Award in 2015. Moreover, the outstanding performance of graduates earned recognition from the industrial field. YunTech was selected as one of the Top 3 Technological Universities in graduates performance by 1111 Human Resources Bank and China Times Weekly.

YunTech mainly focuses on both theory and practice to establish YunTech as a worldwide famous brand with its industrial-academia cooperation and creative power. By integrating professional specialties from each college, green technology and creative industry are under development. That is, teaching and learning, industry-academia cooperation, international cooperation, green university and international competitions are fostered as well. YunTech fulfills its social responsibility by establishing 4 strategic alliances on new business, on specific industrial sectors, on industrial parks and partner universities, thus helping local industries and partner universities to develop their research power. In hope of establishing YunTech as a paradigm technological university, YunTech works on combination of industrial-academia and innovation, paragon and sharing. It is believed that YunTech can bring out benefits on human resource development and add value of intellectual property and share its experiences with partner universities to cultivate elites of both professional skills and humanistic qualities based on its industry-based innovation R&D environment, thus YunTech can become the best partner for the industrial sector.  

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