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University of Siegen
English Name: University of Siegen
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: Germany
Found Year:
Address: Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2

The University of Siegen is a young, modern institute of higher education, located centrally in Germany close to metropolitan centres like Frankfort and Cologne. More than 18,500 students, including more than 2,200 international students, study at the university, which also provides employment as well as research and teaching opportunities to over 2,100 scientists and employees.

The University of Siegen has four faculties (Faculty of Arts; Faculty of Education, Architecture, Arts; School of Economic Disciplines; Faculty of Science and Technology) each offering a broad range of subjects. In addition, there are numerous science centres and facilities as well as IT, language and communications services.

The university has a broad portfolio of research activities in its faculties, including both theoretical and applied research. It has a special research profile promoting transdisciplinary research within the university as well as cooperation with major research centres and other universities both in Germany and abroad. Being a modern university, it offers a comprehensive academic programme, which pays tribute to the heritage of its home region.

“Zukunft menschlich gestalten” (committing to a more human future) is the guiding principle of the University of Siegen. This comprises the independence of scientific research and teaching as well as their inseparability, the enhancement of the European Higher Education Area, the principles of diversity and equal opportunities, the establishment of a culture of quality, and the concepts of participation and joint responsibility. The core focus lies on the human being as an integral part of research and teaching, as the epicentre of all future-oriented actions of the University of Siegen. 

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