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University of Tasmania
English Name: University of Tasmania
Region: Oceania
Country: Australia
Found Year: 1890
Address: Churchill Avenue

The University of Tasmania was the fourth university founded in Australia. Over its 125 year history the University has pursued the extraordinary; this commitment influences a world-class approach to teaching and research.

The University of Tasmania’s achievements in both international and national research rankings reflects our willingness to constantly challenge ourselves. We’ve never been afraid to take on the world – a mindset evidenced in our 30,000 local, national and international students who study across a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines. This approach underpins the success of more than 90,000 alumni spread across 120 countries.

Our campuses in Hobart, Launceston and the Cradle Coast allow us to utilise the best of our island’s natural and built resources to deliver high quality education and research. With programs embedded within local and national industries, and additional campuses in Sydney and China, our students gain practical learning and research opportunities.

Our growing student population includes more than 6,000 international students drawn from over 80 countries. Our global reach is supported by partnerships with more than 90 institutions in 30 countries.

Our research impacts the future prosperity of society and the environment at local, national and global levels. We provide international leadership in five thematic areas:

§  Environment, Resources and Sustainability

§  Creativity, Culture and Society

§  Better Health

§  Marine, Antarctic and Maritime

§  Data, Knowledge and Decisions

Our leadership in these areas is demonstrated through our research institutes, including the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits (CODES), the Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science (ACROSS) and the Australian Maritime College (AMC). Each research theme contributes to resolving global challenges having both intellectual and social impact, contributing to national and international policy debates.

Total Enrollment:13191
           International Students:3343(25%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:11355
           International Students:2569(23%)
Graduate Enrollment:1836
           International Students:774(42%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Bachelor of Agricultural Science
           Bachelor of Agriculture
           Bachelor of Antarctic Science
           Bachelor of Applied Science
           Bachelor of Arts
           Bachelor of Behavioural Science
           Bachelor of Biomedical Science
           Bachelor of Biotechnology and Medical Research
           Bachelor of Biotechnology and Medical Research
           Bachelor of Business
           Bachelor of Business
           Bachelor of Business Administration
           Bachelor of Computing
           Bachelor of Contemporary Arts
           Bachelor of Economics
           Bachelor of Education
           Bachelor of Engineering
           Bachelor of Engineering
           Bachelor of Engineering Technology
           Bachelor of Environmental Design
           Bachelor of Environmental Science
           Bachelor of Exercise Science
           Bachelor of Fine Arts
           Bachelor of Health Science
           Bachelor of Information Systems
           Bachelor of International Logistics
           Bachelor of Laws
           Bachelor of Marine Science
           Bachelor of Medical Science
           Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
           Bachelor of Music
           Bachelor of Natural Environment and Wilderness Studies
           Bachelor of Nursing
           Bachelor of Paramedic Practice
           Bachelor of Pharmacy
           Bachelor of Physical Activity Studies
           Bachelor of Psychology
           Bachelor of Regional Resource Management
           Bachelor of Science
           Bachelor of Social Science
           Bachelor of Social Science
           Bachelor of Social Work
           Bachelor of Surveying and Spatial Sciences
           Bachelor of Tourism
           Bachelor of Visual Communication
Master's Degree Programs
           Master of Agricultural Science
           Master of Applied Science (Fisheries)
           Master of Applied Science In Aquaculture
           Master of Architecture (Research)
           Master of Arts
           Master of Arts In Cognitive Science
           Master of Biomedical Science (Research)
           Master of Commerce
           Master of Design
           Master of Economics
           Master of Education (Research)
           Master of Engineering Science
           Master of Environmental Studies
           Master of Fine Arts (Research)
           Master of Laws
           Master of Medical Science
           Master of Music
           Master of Nursing
           Master of Pharmacy
           Master of Philosophy (Amc)
           Master of Science
           Master of Science In Exploration Geoscience
           Master of Social Work
           Master of Spatial Information Science
           Master of Surveying
Doctoral Programs
           Doctor of Business Administration (Professional Doctorate Only Offered Through Industry Partners)
           Doctor of Education (Professional Doctorate)
           Doctor of Health (Professional Doctorate)
           Doctor of Philosophy
           Doctor of Psychology
           Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) (Professional Doctorate)

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