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Vilnius University
English Name: Vilnius University
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: Lithuania
Found Year: 1579
Address: 3 Universiteto St.

The largest and oldest Lithuanian scientific institution, Vilnius University has tremendous intellectual potential and is engaged

in promoting and developing ties with major centres of research both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

A broad spectrum of research in different areas of science, highly acclaimed research work, and close cooperation with 

research centres throughout the world have deservedly earned the University the status of a leader in science and research. 

The studies that are offered by the University are based on international-level research. European university traditions, 

academic freedom and diversity of opinions, the ability to deal with new challenges in the constantly changing world, and 

social responsibility are the fundamental values of the University.

The University comprises twelve faculties, seven institutes, two university hospitals, four interfaculty centres of study and 

research, the oldest library in Lithuania (founded in 1570) with a modern Science Communication and Information Center, 

the Astronomical Observatory, the Botanical Garden, and the Church of St. Johns.

Vilnius University attracts the best and most talented secondary school graduates of the country.

A foundation for the development of new directions and branches in academics is provided by research schools that have

formed at Vilnius University in such areas of research as Baltic languages, laser physics, semiconductors, the physics of 

ferroelectrics and disordered solids, transformation of biomolecules, probabilistic number theory and probability theory, heart 

and vascular surgery, and the synthesis and analysis of functional chemical components.

Vilnius University is much more than just a modern institution of science and studies. It takes pride in its rich historic and 

cultural heritage, its library with historical collections, its museums, and its preserved or newly restored traditions. The University

 embodies Lithuanian science and culture in which a remarkable academic spirit that encourages research and discovery 

and that fosters tolerance and creativity prevails.

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